• National Brotherhood of Skiers Eastern Region

Message from VP

To the Club Presidents, thank you for your support and trust to lead the largest and best region (and) the best group of club Presidents in the NBS.

Since Kim and I were ratified back in February we have been busy!

Together with Associate Director Maxine our immediate goals were to get 2 of our major fundraisers back on track.

That said kudos to Angela Foster of the Sugar & Spice and Tracy Washington of Chesapeake Ski & Sports for stepping up to respectively serve as Summerfest and Winterfest Chairpersons.

My general leadership philosopy is to point you in the right direction, give you all the tools that you will need, then get the heck out of the way and let you do your job.

And I fully expect my officers, presidents and committee chairs to do just that.

Lastly to all of my NBS Eastern Region family, I encourage you to become a member of this site. It's very easy and more importantly it's FREE! At the top of the page simply click on "Members" then "Join".

I remain and Ski Ya on the slopes,

Ray Campbell, Vice President

NBS Eastern Region