• National Brotherhood of Skiers Eastern Region


A: First of all we recommend you consider joining a local ski club. You can find a club near you at: http://www.nbser.org/Clubs/viewAllClub. If there are no clubs in your vicinity contact us at info@nbser.org and we will recommend clubs you should consider. Club members are particularly helpful in assisting you with basic clothing recommendations for on and off-mountain activities and giving you advice on how to prepare for high mountain altitudes.

A: We highly recommend the NBS Eastern Region Early Season Warm Up typically held during the 1st full week of December of each year. This trip is specifically designed for 1st time skiers and snowboarders. The trip is a full week event however we recommend a half-week (Tues-Sat). This trip offers a complimentary Never Ever package for 1st time skiers and snowboarders. The package includes a free 2 or 3-day lesson, equipment rental, and lift tickets. The trip also offers discount early season lodging rates.

A: The NBS is like a big family. If you are traveling alone, we are very good at finding you experienced skier roommates that will guide you at every step from meeting you at the destination airport and traveling with you to the resort to helping you secure your ski equipment to escorting you to your first ski lesson.

Q: I have children under the age of 18. Are children welcome at the ski events? A: Absolutely! The NBS is committed to the youth. One of our mottos is "Improving the Lives of Youth through Winter Sports". Typically there are scheduled events for the youth at our national and regional events. For more in depth information about our youth programs please click on the youth tab at the top of this page.

A: The cost varies considerably depending if the trip is a full week or a half week, where you are flying from and depending on your lodging arrangements. If you are budget conscious, we recommend that you consider a half week trip and that you consider a roommate. Not including food, a typical half week trip consisting of airfare, ground transportation, lodging, lift tickets and a 2-day ski lesson can range from $700 - $1000.

A: The NBS typically hosts daily happy hours where you can get your "dance on". Also most resorts offer spa treatments daily and several clubs offer side events such as snow mobiling, dog sledding, ice skating and sleigh riding.

A: The purchase of basic ski clothing can indeed be a significant investment. One of the benefits of joining a club is that most clubs have members that will allow you to borrow the basic items such as a ski jacket, ski gloves and/or ski pants. In that way, if you decide skiing is not for you, your investment is minimal. If you decide that you enjoy the sport, we recommend you invest in a ski jacket, perhaps 1-2 pair of ski pants and a pair of ski gloves. Typically local ski shops and sporting good stores offer huge discounts during the off-season months of July - September.

A: The basic equipment that you will need are skis and poles, ski boots and a ski helmet for safety. All of these items however are offered for rent by resorts so you don't have to invest a significant amount of money. If you decide you enjoy the sport, we recommend your first investment be is a pair of quality ski boots. Again, you can find huge discounts on boots during the off-season.

A: Yes safety is a concern and that is why the NBS places a high priority on safety. We have national, regional, and club safety directors. Ski instructors also emphasize safety. In today's skiing environment, a ski helmet is a neccessity to help minimize injury. Helmets are available for rent at most resorts. If you decide that you enjoy the sport, we highly recommend that you invest in a quality ski helmet.